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Studio Calendar 2022-2023
Unless specified below, the studio will be open on days that school districts might be closed. 

September 2022:

Tuesday, September 6th 2022

Registration Night at the Studio from 6-8pm

Wednesday, September 7th 2022

Registration Night at the Studio from 6-8pm


Monday, September 12th 2022

1st day of the 2022-2023 Dance Season!

October 2022:

Monday, October 31st

Studio Closed- Happy Halloween!

November 2022:

Thursday, November 24th - Saturday, November 26th

Studio Closed- Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 28th

Studio reopens

December 2022:

Saturday, December 24th - Sunday, January 1st

Studio Closed- Happy Winter Break!

January 2023:

Monday, January 2nd

Studio reopens

Monday, January 16th

Studio is open

February 2023:

Monday, February 20th

Studio is open

March 2023:

April 2023:

Spring Break- TBA

May 2023:

Friday, May 26th - Monday, May 29th

Studio Closed- Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 30th

Studio reopens

June 2023:

2023 Dress Rehearsal and Recital- TBA

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