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Owner School of the Arts Dance Education Center

Diane Gressing-Rice

Owner & Director

About School of the Arts


Owner & director, Diane Gressing-Rice started dancing at age 3 and has not stopped since. Her early dance years were spent at a local dance school in Edison, NJ under the direction of Gertrude Weinberg. Prior to her 10th birthday, she auditioned for and was accepted into the NJ Dance Theater Guild under the direction of Alfredo Corvino. After graduating high school, Diane choreographed and performed professionally in a number of musicals. In addition to her professional dance career, she also sang professionally on children's albums as well as on radio commercials. During this time, she continued her dance education in NYC studying all facets of dance. In 1986, Diane stopped performing professionally and channeled her energies into her true passion, educating children in the art of dance. Her belief that 'Children are God's gift' makes School of the Arts Dance Education Center truly unique and is the inspiration for the overall philosophy of the school.

Diane's school is known for its warm and nurturing 

environment and caring 'hugs'.

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