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Early Childhood Classes

Grooving With My Grown-Up: Ages 1 - 3

45 minute program incorporating song and dance. Tambourine dances - scarf dances - balance beam work and steps that develop a 2 year olds motor skills in a structured and nurturing environment. The class objective is to enhance the students gross motor skills and social development while creating fun memories.

Kinder Dance: Ages 4 - 5

40 minutes of ballet and 20 minutes of tap, overall an hour long class. Students start out in a happy friendship circle warming up their bodies. They then go to the barre and learn the basic ballet positions. After accomplishing what is needed to develop their legs and feet they leave the barre with a happy jumping song. They work on ballet skips, gallops, chaîné turns, ballet arms across the floor and in the center of the room. Next it is time to get down and change into our tap shoes.

Elementary Combo: Ages 5 - 6

One hour program with ballet and tap. After learning how to work the front and side parts of our body we will begin to work the back side of our body. Barre work will be a little longer. Chaîné turns, gallops to the front and side, chassés, piqués will be introduced and reviewed in this class. Tap at this level will become more challenging.

Intermediate Combo: Ages 6 - 8 with dance experience

One hour and thirty minute program. The program consists of ballet, tap, and jazz. This class helps the dancer to become more structured and focused, allowing dancers to experience "a little bit of everything."

Advanced Combo: Ages 7 - 8

Two hour program consisting of ballet, tap, and jazz/hip-hop. This class continues to build on the students foundation preparing them to study ballet, tap and jazz/hip hop independently.

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