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School of the Arts 2021 Recital

Please note that dress rehearsal is mandatory.

If a dancer does not attend dress rehearsal they will not be permitted to be in the recital. 

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal: Week of Monday, June 7th through Saturday, June 12th.

Location: SOTA

Dancers arrive at to their class in full costume. 

35th Annual Recital: SATURDAY, JUNE 19th 2021

Location: Bound Brook Theater

Dancers arrive at 12:00pm

(We are not able to wait for any dancer, please be on time.)

Theater doors open at 12:40pm

Show begins promptly at 1:00pm










Dress Rehearsal/Recital Check Information:

Below are our standards for dress rehearsal/recital. You will find the answer to FAQ's below.

Should you have a question that you do not see the answer to below, please email us at

Arrival/Dismissal at Dress Rehearsal: The day of dress rehearsal (Wednesday, June 12th), all dancers need to arrive in their first costume at NBTHS for 4:30pm (please see recital lineup document above for order). ALL PARENTS MUST SIGN IN THEIR DANCER AT THE TABLE IN FRONT OF THE AUDITORIUM, PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY 2 GUESTS PER FAMILY (INCLUDES SIBLINGS) WILL BE PERMITTED INSIDE THE AUDITORIUM DURING DRESS REHEARSAL. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED! YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PASSES-TREAT YOUR PASSES AS TICKETS. Please make sure to make arrangements for other siblings. AT LEAST 1 PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST STAY INSIDE THE AUDITORIUM UNTIL YOUR DANCER HAS REHEARSED THEIR LAST DANCE. Dancers are dismissed from dress rehearsal once they have finished ALL of their dances. PARENTS MUST SIGN OUT THEIR DANCER FROM DRESS REHEARSAL AT THE SAME TABLE THAT THEY SIGNED IN. 


Arrival/Dismissal at Recital: The day of recital (Saturday, June 15th), all dancers need to arrive in STREET CLOTHING ONLY at NBTHS for 12:00pm. Dancers MUST be brought to the dressing room by a mom, grandma, etc. and MUST BE SIGNED IN. Once dancers have been signed into the dressing room, moms must leave no later than 12:40pm (unless class mom) to go find their seats. ABSOLUTELY NO DANCER IS PERMITTED TO LEAVE THE DRESSING ROOM AT ANY MOMENT. This is for the safety of all of our dancers. ALL dancers are required to stay for the entire recital since all dancers perform in the finale (the last dance of the show). After finale, all dancers will remain on the stage with SOTA staff. ONLY MOMS will be permitted to come backstage and pick up their dancer. 

ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY IS TO BE WORN FOR DRESS REHEARSAL OR RECITAL (Including earrings (even studs), necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, etc.) Your dancer will be told to remove any jewelry. Please make sure to leave all jewelry at home to prevent any losses.

MAKE SURE YOUR DANCER HAS NO NAIL POLISH ON (French manicure is okay). Any other nail polish will be removed, please make sure to do this PRIOR TO DRESS REHEARSAL AND RECITAL.


All make-up done at home: (for both dress rehearsal/recital) Make-up requirements are listed in pdf above. Bring along extra make-up for touch-ups once you've arrived to the dressing room. The stage lights drown out the face, so remember to use A LOT of make-up.


Hair done at home: (for both dress rehearsal/recital) NurseryDance, KinderDance, Elementary Combo, and Intermediate Combo girls should wear a LOW BUN. ALL OTHER dancers need to wear a HIGH BUN using a hair donut. ALL DANCERS SHOULD HAVE no bangs showing, using a hair net with bobby pins around bun to secure and plenty of hair spray to prevent any fly away hairs. Make sure hairnet, bobby pins, hair-ties all match dancers hair! When attaching head pieces, check with your teacher or backstage mom for instructions and use plenty of bobby pins to prevent any loss of hair pieces while dancing. Each student in a class needs to look uniformed.


Costume check: Dancers need to wear their first costume to dress rehearsal only. DO NOT wear your costume to the recital (this includes wearing the costume under a robe or other clothing). The day of the recital, dancers must arrive to the high school in their regular street attire and bring among their costumes in a garment bag. You will have plenty of time and space in the dressing room to change out of your street clothing and into your costume. Make sure you have your name labeled onto EVERYTHING- costumes, shoes, tights, etc. and packed all pieces to your costume including props, hair pieces/accessories, shoes and an extra pair of tights.


Undergarments: No underwear should be worn underneath your costume. The stage lights are very bright and colored or patterned underwear will show through. Older dancers must wear a skin-colored bra with no straps seen. (Clear straps are fine) We suggest bringing a robe or long over the knee t-shirt for changing. This makes quick changes much more comfortable for the girls.


Dressing Room: ONLY MOMS WILL BE PERMITTED INTO THE DRESSING ROOM. AT 12:40PM THE DAY OF RECITAL , ONLY CLASSROOM MOMS AND SOTA EMPLOYEES WILL BE PERMITTED INTO DRESSING ROOMS. ALL OTHER MOMS MUST LEAVE DRESSING ROOMS AT THIS TIME AND FIND THEIR SEATS IN THE AUDITORIUM. There is ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK permitted in the dressing room. There will be plenty of pretzels and water in the dressing room for the dancers. You may bring coloring books/crayons (NO MARKERS THAT MIGHT STAIN COSTUMES), a book/magazine to read, iPod, or board game if you'd like. There will be a T.V. with DVD's provided for younger students to watch during the show. REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR NAME ON ALL COSTUMES, TIGHTS, SHOES, AND ACCESSORIES. Things can get mixed up in the dressing room and this will help to locate your items.

School of the Arts is not responsible for any lost or stolen items at dress rehearsal or recital.

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